who we are

We are a start-up online games company located in USA.

The team is composed by professionals that worked in the online game market since some years and we know the social market arena very well.

We develop and publish online and social games.
Our focus is the NA and the European markets including the Russia online market.
If you want to contact us please send an email to info@trezert.com.
We are open to discuss with developers to publish their game and available to speak to anyone that wants to develop a new social game or finance his development.

Contact us: info@trezert.com

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our projects

Alien Mailman
► Ever wonder what aliens do at work? Test your speed and mental acumen in this faced-paced sci-fi challenge.

Siege Online
► Free-to-play role-playing game set in a medieval world undergoing civil wars.

Sushi Zand
► Want to become a sushi master? You’ll have to test your memory and skill! Sushi Zand is a memory game where players have to make combinations of matching sushi ingredients.

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